We are passionate about teaching exercises that can be brought into your everyday life to increase physical and mental strength and resilience. We believe strongly that we can influence your organisation positively by teaching a holistic exercise practice that is practical, effective and long lasting. 

Important business benefits include improved mental focus/clarity, motivation, productivity and fewer sick days. Through our experience we understand that your business environment can quickly change due to internal and external pressures which can create a constantly changing environment. This can create greater levels of stress, anxiety and pressure. Learning to work with change consciously helps people to grow, transform and become more productive. 

The exercises we teach, which target the mind and body help people “go with the flow” and not resist change.

Our sessions are designed to fit in as best possible with your team and your working day and are structured so your whole team will benefit regardless of age or fitness levels.

Quintin Derham

Quintin Derham has spent most of his life teaching, coaching, training and researching Martial Arts. Quintin has found through that anyone can learn Martial Arts based exercises regardless of age and fitness level.  He has learned that traditional practises focus on good posture, breathing, mental focus and the ability to face life’s challenges. 

Quintin started learning Karate and Chinese Gung Fu at the age of 8 and has never stopped training during the last 38 years. He achieved his Black Belt at 13 and is currently an 8th Degree Master Teacher (Sifu). He lives with his wife and children in the Waitakere Ranges.

The method

In 2000, Quintin became involved with heart rehabilitation at Greenlane hospital. It was after a close family member had heart surgery. This was the game changer for Quintin. He realised all his training meant more than training hard, competing and winning - all for personal gain.

Many of the people in these classes were middle aged and had experienced years of stress that contributed to their heart disease. The breathing exercises that allowed people to unbind tension and release stress became the cornerstone for the method that helps people in high stress environments. 

In addition to stress relief, Quintin has developed a method of exercise for employees with a more physical workload. He teaches exercises that target the spine and help improve productivity and reduce injuries for warehouse workers. Many proactive businesses across The world dedicate short periods of time daily for their workers to perform exercises as a group. 

Quintin has worked with the ACC, pioneering the National Falls Prevention Programme which used modified Tai Chi for seniors. Since 2000, when it began, thousands of people have benefited from learning Tai Chi based exercises that improve strength and balance. The programme was vigorously tested by the Auckland University of Technology Physiotherapy school and was deemed to help reduce falls and injuries in older adults. Quintin still runs a subsidised programme for 250 people who attend Strength and Balance for Seniors classes in Auckland. The exercise methods that Quintin has developed are still approved by the ACC through Harbour Sport.

Today Quintin runs a large Martial Arts School in Auckland, teaching 500 people a week across Auckland City. Ages range from young children all the way through to senior citizens. He knows the benefits his students receive. For those unable to attend classes or commit to longer term practises, Q Mind Body Fitness brings you these exercise methods for physical and mental health benefits and provides you with solutions for your staff and their optimum performance. 

" The power that Martial Arts has to make such a positive effect on the lives of individuals never ceases to amaze me. My main goal is to teach and help as many people as possible to reach their potential in life." 

Quintin Derham

Esmeralda Kasmara

Esmeralda Kasmara has thrived in high-pressure environments for over twenty years in the busy hospitality circuit. She has been a Tai Chi practitioner of Quintin's school for 10 years. What Esmeralda has learnt from Quintin has given her the ability to manage stressful situations, and the energy to be on her feet for long periods of time whilst remaining positive and customer focused.


Esmeralda’s interest in working with Quintin to develop Q Mind & Body Fitness stems from her experience as a Maitre D, meeting a huge variety of people. She saw that her exercise practise could benefit so many of the corporate clients she meets through her work. Though Esmeralda is mainly focused on client development for Q Mind Body Fitness, she is also able to teach the exercises herself. 

" So many of us are time poor and spend at least forty hours per week at work. It’s exciting being able to change something within work culture that benefits both the business and the worker."

Esmeralda Kasmara