Great for team building and help to build confidence.

These sessions are great for team building and help to build confidence whilst developing important life skills that your team will really appreciate.


We can tailor the session to suit the dynamic of your team such as Womens’ Self Defence. Some businesses we have worked with request a special training session that pushes their employees or managers to go beyond what they believe they are capable of doing. These are wonderful when you see people go beyond the ordinary and outside their comfort zones. The benefits are long lasting and really help people achieve goals and targets.


The board breaking is fun and challenging for all fitness levels within your team. People learn the physical skills needed to safely break a wooden board whilst focusing and reflecting upon work challenges they want to overcome, improve upon and break through.


Board breaking sessions are ideal for end of year functions, special team meetings or perhaps a great way to finish a busy working week.

For further information regarding pricing please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a packaging suitable to your needs.